Cool Financial Websites

Cool Financial Websites

This directory provides information and services for your Personal or Business needs.  Do you need a small business loan?  Are you looking for a credit card?  Do you need help in managing your finances?  You will find valuable resources for all your financial needs here. This is your directory of financial services.


American Stock Exchange -  Direct from the Stockroom Floor.  Everything you'd expect and more.

Bank-CD Rate Scanner - Compare interest rates and minimum deposits on CDs and get information on FDIC insured banks that offer CDs.

Bank Rate Monitor - Information about worldwide bank rates for savings and various types of loans.  Tips on finding the right bank.

BigCharts - Shows the fastest growing, most active, and largest money-making stocks.  Also provides links to other financial reference sites.

Charles Schwab

Discover Brokerage - Morgan Stanley


Edgar Database

Fidelity Investments

Hoover's Online - Database covers over 13,000 companies both public and private - worldwide.

IPO.com - Initial Public Offering information.  Get the latest IPO news.  IPO Calendar, year in review, advanced search.


The Street


Trading Day.com - Specialized search engines that cover only business and investment sites.

Wall Street Research Net

Waterhouse Securities

U.S. Business Advisor

Yahoo lets you set up your own portfolio - FREE! 

Business News

Breifing.com - Provides insight and analysis into why the markets behaved the way they did.

Business Week Online - This online version offers many free services.  Searchable archives.   Subscribers benefit from many more services.

Business Wire - Up-to-the-hour business news and information.  Geographical regions, tradeshows, industry specific information.

Credit Card Services

American Express

Discover Card

Electronic Transfer - Accept Credit Cards - Free Credit Card Processing Set Up

Master Card



How is your Credit?


Miscellaneous Financial
Company Finder - contact information and links to company websites, product lists, company news and more.