Cool Food Sites

Cool Food Sites

Looking for a restaurant?  Need a good recipe?  On a diet?  Let our Outtasite Food page help.  We have searched the Internet for the most popular restaurants, diets, recipes and more.  Cool vegetarian section.

  Cooking.com wishes you a Happy New Year!

Zagat.com - Complete list of fine restaurants.


Better Baking - If you enjoy baking, don't miss this site.


Betty Crocker.com - Recipes, weekly menu planner, much more.

Delicious - Diet tips for better eating, cooking herbal healing and vegetarian information to name a few.   Information about common herbs, vitamins, and homeopathic remedies.

Epicurious - Over 10,000 recipes from Gourmet and Bon Appetit Magazines.

FoodTV.com -  Find recipes, menus, gift ideas, food encyclopedia, terms, tips and ingredients and more.  Also TV show recipes and schedule and celebrity chefs and hosts.

IVillage - Search IVillage Total Healt.  Loaded with information on diets, lifestyle, health and more.

The Internet Chef - Hundreds of recipes at this site.

 Legal Sea Foods delivering the highest quality seafood and gourmet gifts available. Shop Today

 Lobster so fresh and sweet, it could only have come from Lobster Gram!



Activity Calorie Counter - key in your weight and the amount of time you do an activity and it will calculate the number of calories you burn. - Cool!

American Dietetic Association - FAQ's and Nutritional Information.

Calories Per Hour - Lots of different calculators here.

Cyber Diet - Tells you the nutritional content of a wide variety of foods.  Tips for losing weight and keeping the right foods around.  Suggestions for low-calorie snacks.

 Guaranteed Weight Loss with Your Own Personal Chef. "Lose 10lbs in 4 weeks.

Fast Food Finder - Gives you calorie and nutritional information on  popular fast food restaurants.

Todays Diet - Find a diet that's right for you

Weight Watchers - Weight Watchers web site tells you how to get started on a diet, set goals, find your ideal weight, and everything else.  Product information available and excellent nutritional information.



Lobster Net - New England Lobsters shipped to your home fresh in 24 hours.  Guaranteed lowest prices.

NetGrocer.com - Virtual supermarket.  Nationwide delivery.  Low prices.  Net rewards program. 

 Grocery shop today at Peapod and get $10 in FREE groceries    Place your order.  Shoppers will do the shopping for you and deliver to your home.  You can even use coupons.



Baskin Robbins
Burger King

Carls Jr.

Cracker Barrel

Cheesecake Factory


Chuck e Cheese

Church's Chicken

Cooker Restaurant Corp.

Dariy Queen
Dominos Pizza

Eat At Joe's

Friendly Ice Cream

Hard Rock


Home Town Buffet

Hot Dog on a Stick


Jack in the Box

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Krispy Kreme
Little Caesars Pizza

Long John Silvers


Macaroni Grill

Max & Ermas


Olive Garden

Outback Steak House

Panera Bread Company

Papa Johns


Piccadilly Cafeterias

Pizza Hut


Rain Forest Cafe

Red Lobster

Restaurant Guide

Ruby Tuesday


Shells Seafood


Sonic Drive-ins

Spaghetti Warehouse

Steak & Ale



Taco Bell

Wall Street Deli




Zagat's Reviews


Alternate Living- Reasons to be a vegetarian - Help the planet.

GoVeg.com - Vegetarian and Vegan Information

TryVeg.com - Vegetarian Starter Guide - Learn how to become a vegetarian.

The Vegetarian Society is a registered charity committed to promoting the health, environmental and animal welfare benefits of a vegetarian diet.

Vegetarian Times - Health and Lifestyle information.

Veggie Boards - Talk with thousands of vegetarians around the world

VegWeb.com - Vegetarian recipes and more.

Vrg.org- vegetarian resource group

Wikipedia - Vegetarianism

Vitamins.com - Vitamin Guide A-Z

Vita-Web - Everything you want to know about vitamins.  Tells you what your body needs, lots of information.  The problem is you have to follow VitaMan.  If you can get through it, you'll get information.


FastFood.com - Comprehensive Guide to Fast Food Restaurants

Gourmet Retailer - Loaded with Food Industry Information.