Cool Free Websites

Cool Free Websites

Surf 100% faster for Free with Marketscore!

Marketscore is a premier Internet research community that provides a FREE Internet Accelerator that increases browser speed of up to 100% to its members! Members are also eligible to win amazing prizes like a new 2002 BMW 330 Convertible or $35,000 cash! It takes 5 minutes to sign up. Marketscore is completely free and all information is kept confidential. Surf up to 100% faster!

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Hot Office.com - Instant Web Office - "Leverage the power of the Internet and maximize the productivity potential of your team with the Hot Office Web Base Intranet Service."  Connect colleagues, clients and vendors.  This is an award winning virtual office. - Free Trial

GoToMyPC - Free Trial!

EVoice - collects phone messages while you are on line and then e-mails them to you as WAV attachments.  This can also be set up to work with your local phone company's voice mail.  Messages will continue to go into your voice mail while you are on line, but you will be notified via e-mail when you have messages. 

FreeBizsites.com - Loaded with free links!  This site has something for everyone.  If you are developing a website, looking for business information or just shopping.

FreeServers - Build a site in 5 minutes using "Quick Site Builder".  Get your own .com - free for life. 

GeoSites - Build your own web page - Some Free products, but not like it used to be.

Homestead - Very easy to build your own web site.  Custom templates.  Free Trial.

LogMeIn.com - Fabulous Free Service.  Log on to your computer from anywhere. 

Tripod - Easy to use web site builder.  Lots of additional information on earning money and promoting your site



Skype - Free to download and free to call others. - Totally OuttaSite!!