Cool Mail Websites

Cool Mail Websites

Need to mail a package or send a large shipment?  Find out the best way to send it.  Sometimes it's the US Post Office, but maybe UPS, FedEx or DHL can serve you better.  If you are looking for a freight company to deliver a large shipment, we have listed the major carriers below.  It's your choice, so make an informed one.

Mail & Packages

United States Post Office - Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Find rate information, stamps, change of address, track/confirm.  

Zip Codes - Find a zip-code fast.  Just type in the address and get the zip code.

DHL - Domestic and International Delivery Services.

Fed Ex - At the Federal Express site you can register as a customer, get shipping information, track your package and find rates.  Other site features include a drop-off locator, on-line service guide, career and employment opportunity information.

UPS - On-line office for United Parcel Service, delivering packages, and mail world wide.  Look through the service guide, customer service center, download shipping software, pick-up/drop-off information, supplies, rates and costs, tracking, employment opportunities, import/ export info. and more.




Freightworld - Transportation of all types.  Airlines, Airports, Forwarders, Logistics Providers, Package Services, Postal, Railroads, Trucking.  Great site.  Very informative.

Miscellaneous Carriers:




Old Dominion

Roadway Express

Werner Enterprises

Yellow Freight